5 Back to School Deals Under $18

Some back to school items that will make any student’s life easier. Backpacks, pencils, and flash cards. Most of the Items are less than $6.

AmazonBasics Classic Backpack

Classic Backpack

This product was developed by Amazon. A simple lightweight backpack that gets the job done.
Get this backpack and shipped for less than $18.


BIC Pencil Xtra Strong 24 Pack

Back to school pencils. BIC mechanical pencils in a 24 pack. Full of color

A pack of colorful 0.9mm lead mechanical pencils. BIC is a known trusted brand and for this product 80% of the reviews are 5-stars. With colorful pencils like this homework might be a little fun.

You can get this pack and shipped to you for less than $5.


Tag Divider 60 Sticky Notes

60 pack of sticky notes to divide books. Help organize students for back to school

The size of the sticky note is 4 x 6 inches. Over 1,000 reviews with the average review being 4.6 stars. Made out of a safer water based adhesive.  Great to keep a student organized and prevent them from forgetting assignments.

Get these sticky notes plus shipping for less than $5.


Box of 144 Pencils

A box of 144 pencils.

A lot of #2 pencils. The eraser is smudge-free and latex-free. Also, comes in boxes of 24 and 96.

Get 144 pencils for less than $10.


500 Ruled White Index Cards

500 index cards sold on amazon

Great for summarizing key terms from notes, or textbook. Ideal to turn into flash cards to study for exams.

Get 500 index cards and shipped to you for less than $6.


Back to School

Hopefully one of these items will help students stay organized and save some money. If you found this helpful share it with a student or parent.


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