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  • Photo of the White House in Washington D.C



    Fun White House Facts

    Here are some interesting facts about the White House. First President to live in the White House John Adams was our second president, but the first president to live in the White House. Before the capital was in New York City and then Philadelphia. George Washington lived in both New York and Philadelphia. Construction The […] More

  • Many colors of yarn

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    Natural vs. Synthetic Yarns

    Take a trip to your local big box craft store, or even a smaller, independently-owned LYS (local yarn shop), and you will find that there is an unbelievably wide range of yarns to choose from. It can be overwhelming! Color, thickness (also called “weight” in yarn lingo), and fiber type are all choices the crafter […] More

  • Javan Leopard in Indonesia

    Extinct Tiger Species might have been seen in Indonesia

    In Ujung Kulon Indonesian National park a photo was taken of something people thought was extinct for more than 40 years. The Javan tiger has only been in books, bedtime stories, and legends, but a new photo might have captured it. Indonesia is currently the 4th most populated country in the world. And is the largest island […] More

  • tarot cards, tarot reading

    What are Tarot cards? How does a Tarot reading work?

    I always find it interesting when people consider the tarot cards or a tarot reading a part of the “occult”, witchery, or weird, wrong, dark, etc. I have never been intimidated by them and see them as a tool for people to use symbolism and energy to “see” or “validate” thoughts or things that might […] More

  • Handmade Jewelry



    What to know before you buy Handmade Jewelry

    Things to look for when buying handmade jewelry: It is a wonderful thing, buying handmade jewelry. You are contributing to a population that doesn’t mass make items, that is a one of a kind, unique item that is an expression of them and of how you feel. It is made by real people, with a […] More

  • interior design hacks and tips



    5 Amazing Tips for Interior Design

    When most people think of Interior Design, they think HGTV, which means they’re thinking of a complete overhaul of their space and lots of money. Well let me be the bearer of good news, there are quick changes that can really freshen up any space and make it beautiful. All of these fixes can be […] More

  • Simple ways for a new you, change your life, change your habits, diet, eating food

    5 Simple Ways For A New You In 21 Days

    Breaking Bad Habits You Thought Were Good We all have some deeply ingrained truths about nutrition – we know what’s good for us and we know what’s bad. Unfortunately, if those truths are not actually true, we may be hurting ourselves by eating well. As they say in weightlifting “reals over feels.” So hang on, […] More

  • math tricks



    Everyday Math Tricks and Tips

    We use math every day. Many people think math is scary, but it can be easy when you have the correct process in place. Here are some math tricks to help you out. This article was written by Victor Gagliano. Enter Victor. As a Math teacher/tutor and home instructor, I have learned from students and colleagues […] More

  • Dog with a fancy collar laying on grass

    Choosing a Dog Collar: Tools for Dog Owners

    There are a lot of embarrassing situations dog owners can run into over the course of their dog’s life, from unsuccessful attempts at potty-training, to a dog who refuses to ever come on command. Whatever the case, it’s probably a common trouble for other pet owners as well. However, sometimes these serious issues can be […] More

  • A Lawnmower on a lawn mowing grass on someones yard

    What to Grow in your Yard to make your Neighbors Jealous

    Grass is used for turf because it grows fast and can quickly regenerate. Grass is highly adapted from herbivores eating it all day, such as cows. Picking and maintaining the grass in your yard can make all the difference (and your neighbors jealous) Creeping Bentgrass The main type of grass used in Golf courses and […] More

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    5 Foods that can Kill your Dog

    There’s a lot of common foods that can kill your dog. Some of these items may surprise you, but others are things that are more or less common knowledge. We just want to make sure that your four-legged companion is safe and sound, so we wrote this article just for you! #1 Avocados The first […] More

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    6 Reasons Why Tacos are Better than Friends

    Tacos are amazing! Here is a list of six reasons for why/how they are so awesome. #1 You can be with them anytime Friends can ditch you tacos cannot. You can find them served 24/7 or you can make them on your own. #2 They are tasty Tacos are tasty. Your friends are not. At […] More

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