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    New App is Facebook of Podcasts

    Chorus Social media podcast iPhone app

    Ever listen to a podcast and wish your friends were listening to it as well? Or want to discuss the latest episode with other listeners? Chorus is a new app that makes podcast listening social.

    Social and audio? Just as myspace users were asking about this new Facebook thing people are looking at Chorus. Why?

    Because it allows people to connect over their interest and what they listen to.

    Chorus iPhone podcast app with social media

    What’s Wrong?


    It’s a bit sad that Apple doesn’t allow comments or a community. You can only leave a review or share the episode on another platform. This leaves a lot to be desired.

    On its website it says one of the goals of the app:

    Chorus gives you an endless list of recommendations from some seriously fascinating people.

    Endless list of recommendations sounds dangerous to an audio binge listener like myself. #SundayIsGone

    Anyone else feel the same?

    Back in the day of radio you might talk to the person next to you about the radio show or what just happened. In our isolated world of smartphones and technology this becomes harder. The people around you might not listen to the same shows, or have the same interests. Ever talk to the person next to you on your morning commute about that history of peanuts episode you thought was crazy interesting? They might think your crazy and lost your peanuts. No, neither have I.

    Chorus Social media podcast iPhone app

    Artist Listen to their Audience

    The other problem with current podcasts is that producers can not hear feedback from their listeners. They can only see reviews. Some creators of shows allow discussion on their website, forums, or Facebook group. With a lack of commenting standard people are less likely to have an interesting discussion each week about the new episode.

    Chorus: Podcast Community

    One review on the app store said:

    Great idea. Podcasts are all about community.



    That’s right podcast is all about the community. Listeners decide if a show will succeed or fail. It is the passion of the community that drives ideas forward and makes the experience better.

    There are bad sides to this age of technology, but it allows us to connect with people with common interests and share our passions. Chorus helps share those passions by connecting fellow listeners to build that community.

    Check them out:

    Chorus on the App store

    Chorus Website


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    Choosing a Dog Collar: Tools for Dog Owners

    Dog with a fancy collar laying on grass

    There are a lot of embarrassing situations dog owners can run into over the course of their dog’s life, from unsuccessful attempts at potty-training, to a dog who refuses to ever come on command. Whatever the case, it’s probably a common trouble for other pet owners as well. However, sometimes these serious issues can be avoided by knowing what mistakes not to make when a dog joins the family. Among the most important decisions a new dog owner makes is the choice of training tools they use.

    Dog Collar Options

    A pet owner needs to select the right tools for basic training. While most people gravitate towards a standard flat collar or a choke collar, these aren’t generally good choices for dog training. A flat collar creates a single point of pressure when a dog pulls on a leash, which can not only hurt the dog’s neck, but it also doesn’t give you much in the way of communication between your hand and the dog’s head. Choke chains, in the meantime, are excellent tools, but require precise timing when giving a correction. Additionally, choke chains – as per their name – can cause a dog to actually suffocate itself. These tools are meant primarily for dogs who are already trained, or who are being worked with by a professional trainer. A properly fitted prong collar, a head halter, or a no-pull harness is generally a safer choice when teaching a dog the basics, however above all, any tool used must be properly fitted, or else any tool can cause serious injury or even death for the dog.

    Dog with a fancy collar laying on grass

    Dog Leashes

    The next tool in a dog owner’s arsenal is of course, the leash. Currently flexi-leads and elastic leads are popular, because they allow the handler to give the dog room to roam, while also allowing them to shorten the leash as needed. These tools aren’t actually particularly good for training though: dogs in training need to have a set boundary, otherwise it results in confusion about the corrections given by a tug on the leash. With a flexi-leash, the dog won’t know if it will get that correction at five feet out, or twenty-five feet out from its handler. The lack of consistency can create a leash reactive dog, which will cause all manner of troubles later on, for both the dog and the owner. Instead, standard leashes with a set length should be used for training. For walking out and about in the neighborhood, a six foot leash is usually plenty, and when teaching a solid recall or playing fetch in an unfenced area, a longer leash – twenty-five to thirty feet – is generally best.


    The final, and most important core tool in training a dog is consistency. No matter what age a dog is, if the handler doesn’t give consistent commands, corrections, and rewards, then the dog can’t effectively learn. Inconsistency can lead to numerous behavioral problems, from a dog not following basic commands, to anxiety, reactivity, and aggression.

    There are of course other tools one can utilize during training – treats, toys, and pretty much anything a dog has any interest in make for great rewards, but they won’t do anyone any good without the basic tools.


    Article Written by Kathryn O’Keefe

    A happy dog with a harness and collar

    Read More:

    Amazem articles about Dogs Amazem.net

    How to collars can hurt a dog and what to watch for. Peterdobias.com

    Dangers of Choke Collars. Greyhound Companions of New Mexico

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    What to Grow in your Yard to make your Neighbors Jealous

    A Lawnmower on a lawn mowing grass on someones yard

    Grass is used for turf because it grows fast and can quickly regenerate. Grass is highly adapted from herbivores eating it all day, such as cows. Picking and maintaining the grass in your yard can make all the difference (and your neighbors jealous)

    Creeping Bentgrass

    The main type of grass used in Golf courses and most homes is Creeping Bentgrass, (Agrostis stolonifera). Your yard probably has this grass growing in it making it nice and green. Creeping Bentgrass is found in more than 80% of Golf courses in the world.

    A Lawnmower on a lawn mowing grass on someones yardAnnual Bluegrass (Poa annua)

    The other grass that makes up that 20% or so is Annual Bluegrass (Poa annua). This Bluegrass is a super weed! It can adapt to almost any environment. This grass is the number one grass found in New York City sidewalks. It can quickly adapt to herbicides making it a major pain for golf courses. The ironic part is that for the older golf courses it is the turf.  It can shrink itself below the mowing height and make an acceptable golf course. You can not buy commercial seed bags of Poa annua, but you can buy it’s relative Poa supina. Poa supina is used often for soccer fields.

    Bermuda Grass (Cynodon dactylon)

    If you live in the Southern United States you probably know Bermuda grass (Cynodon dactylon). It not actually native to Bermuda, but is an invasive species there. Be careful this grass is fast growing and can take over other areas you might have wanted grass free. Bermuda grass is very hardy and can stand high humidity and temperatures.

    Non-Grass Plants

    For non-grass alternatives for your yard consider your climate first. Ask yourself what type of biome do you live in? Do you live in a forest? Near the sea? A desert? Meadows? After you have an answer then look at what plants typically live there.

    For forest consider seeing what happens if you don’t mow a piece of your yard. Trees will probably start growing. A forest area could have ferns instead of grass with more trees in the yard.

    A beach home would be able to grow succulent plants and bushy plants like California sagebrush (Artemisia californica).

    Desert homes could grow cactus on their yard. Just be careful where you step with your Cactus Yard.

    If you live in a meadow area then consider planting wildflowers.

    Each yard is a unique collection of species that represent the local environment around them. For a more beautiful yard look for around for nature’s solutions and you’ll be guaranteed to have a wonderful lawn.

    Growing a garden in a yard or lawn

    Your Yard

    Look at what type of environment you live in and consider one of these types of plants for it. Here is the list we suggest:

    1. Creeping Bentgrass
    2. Annual Bluegrass (Poa annua)
    3. Bermuda Grass (Cynodon dactylon)
    4. California sagebrush (Artemisia californica)
    5. Local wildflowers.
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    5 Foods that can Kill your Dog

    There’s a lot of common foods that can kill your dog. Some of these items may surprise you, but others are things that are more or less common knowledge. We just want to make sure that your four-legged companion is safe and sound, so we wrote this article just for you!

    A puppy in a tea cup.

    #1 Avocados

    The first of the foods that can kill your dog is actually avocados. They contain a toxic thing called persin which will cause heart, lung and other tissue damage in most animals, however the most harmed animals are dogs and cats.

    #2 Don’t Drink and Bark

    The second food that can kill your dog is a little more common sense than most, but it’s beer or any alcoholic beverage. They cause the same damage as it does to humans, but on a much larger scale since dogs are commonly smaller than humans. It causes brain and liver damage and can induce vomiting even from a small amount of alcohol.

    Dog on a beach with two beers
    No Dog was harmed in the creation of this article

    #3 Don’t go Nuts for Nuts

    The next food that can kill your dog is truly a surprising one. Nuts, especially walnuts and macadamia nuts can cause anything from vomiting to death. Even paralysis is a symptom from nuts for dogs and it can take as little as 12 hours for it to kill your dog.

    Dog eating dog food in a bowl

    #4 Grapes

    Another surprising food that can cause damage is grapes or raisins. Either of these cause kidney failure and the chemical that causes it stays in the dog’s system for their entire life. As little as one serving of raisins can overwhelm a dog’s body and kill them.

    Grapes to eat on the vine not for dogs

    #5 Onions

    One food that can kill your dog but is healthy for humans is onions. Onions are highly toxic to animals, especially dogs. They can cause a lower red blood cell count leading to anemia. Anemia can cause weakness, breathing difficulty and losing consciousness. Onions also build up over time, never leaving the dog’s system, so even one onion slice cloud push your dog over the edge.

    Not for your Dog

    To review the list of foods that can kill your dog:

    1. Avocados
    2. Alcohol
    3. Nuts
    4. Grapes
    5. Onions

    If you have a dog check out our list of recommended dog toys.


    This post was written by Jacob Cannon. You can check out more of his writing at A Green Family

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    6 Reasons Why Tacos are Better than Friends

    Tacos are amazing! Here is a list of six reasons for why/how they are so awesome.

    #1 You can be with them anytime

    Friends can ditch you tacos cannot. You can find them served 24/7 or you can make them on your own.

    #2 They are tasty

    Tacos are tasty. Your friends are not. At least I hope you don’t find your friends tasty or in your taco.

    #3 Tacos can poop ice cream

    See tacos are magical. I am talking ice cream tacos. If you think about it aren’t ice cream cones really ice cream tacos?

    #4 They sound good when you bite them

    Unless you’re Edward Cullen or Dracula you probably don’t bite your friends, but tacos are great to bite into. You hear the crunch, taste the food and feel the texture. Tacos are great to bite.

    #5 They make you feel better when drunk

    Ok, sure your friend might have driven you home or helped you when you were drunk, but tacos become way better drunk. By their deliciousness, they, in turn, make everything better, even if you realize it wasn’t in the morning.

    #6 They remind you of what is important

    When you eat Tacos what do you think about? Home? eating dinner with family? That weird food truck? Whatever it is these are the simple pleasures in life that we should all focus on and enjoy.


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    Funny Offbrand Pokemon Fails

    A t-shirt with "PokyFriends" a knockoff of pokémon

    Have you ever bought the sugar corn flakes instead of getting frosted flakes? You might of not even noticed a difference in taste. That might work for cereal but for other items off brand doesn’t work so well. Here are some epic fails of off brand products that tried to copy Pokemon.

    #1 PokyFriends

    A t-shirt with "PokyFriends" a knockoff of pokémon
    Photo from Reddit user pukeonsluts666

    Funny knockoff of Pokemon. It’s nice that their friends.

    #2 Pocheman towel

    A towel that looks like it has pokemon cartoons on it however it is off brand and says Pocheman instead.
    Photo by Reddit user Toonstertown

    I guess if you are at the beach laying on the towel people can’t tell what it says. Pikachu looks very relaxed.

    #3 Pokemon Monster Carbuncle 2003

    A fake bootleg version of a pokemon gameboy game. It is for Gameboy color and claims to be for the year 2003.
    Photo by Reddit user jfowler1120

    A bootleg pokemon game for Gameboy color. I wonder if it works and what playing it is like.

    #4 Diary of a Wimpy Pikachu

    A book titled: Diary of a Whimpy Pikachu.
    Photo by Reddit user DershBershPershMersh

    Cleaver combination of a popular book and popular video game. What is interesting about this is that it is the second book. Someone must have written these books.

    #5 Flying Hand Induced Pichu

    A flying toy of pikachu with unusual cartoons on the cover which are not pokemon. Another bootleg pokemon toy
    Photo by Reddit user Brackenhawk

    Drones and Pokemon great idea!

    #6 Pokemon Like the Lovely Picacho

    A mug with pikachu the pokemon but it is a crappy offbrand. Epic fail
    Photo by Reddit User bfgarzilla9k

    Great subtitle. By the way a Picacho is actually a word and it means a large isolated pointed hill. The mugs do look cool.

    #7 Pikachu Mall Ride

    Children's ride at a mall with pikachu the electric pokemon
    Photo by Reddit user Baghdad_AssUp

    A slightly creepy version of pikachu

    #8 Homer Simpson Pikachu Socks

    Socks with homer simpson as pikachu.
    Photo by Reddit user antfro946

    Can you look away?

    #9 The Force is strong with this Pokemon

    Star Wars pokemon action figure in a box being sold at a store.
    Photo by Reddit user: ilikestalker3

    An interesting mash up. The power that’s inside works for both parts.



    Did you like this list? Which one was your favorite?

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    6 Year Old Boy Applies to Work for Legoland

    Kid playing with legos. Some kids want to work at legoland

    The job field is getting more competitive, at least for lego lovers. A job advert for Legoland UK in Windsor England advertised a position for “Lego Model Designer”. In addition to a competitive salary, the position also provided a 40% discount on Lego kits. Stanley from Waterlooville Hampshire thought he was perfect for the job.

    Kid playing with legos. Some kids want to work at legoland

    Stanley applied to the job with a handwritten letter. Telling them that he loves legos and hides them from his brother. He didn’t get the job, but he was invited to Legoland for a one-day work experience. Something many 6-year-olds dream of.

    Part of the tour Stanley got a behind the scenes look at how the amusement park is run. He learned about how they maintain the models and lego artwork. Legoland hoped that the visit will inspire Stanley to do well in school and to one day work at Legoland. Until then Stanley will continue to learn and hide his legos from his brother.

    Check out our other stories.

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