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    What to be thankful for on Thanksgiving

    Here is a list of things to be thankful for on Thanksgiving, parts of the list may not apply to you. Don’t worry! There is always something to be thankful for. Olympic Gold Metal Be thankful you won an Olympic Gold Metal! You’re one of the best athletes in the world. You represented your country […] More

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    What to do if you’re Alone on Christmas

    Photo of a candle with Christmas decorations. Article about actives to do if you are alone on Christmas

    Christmas can be a wonderful time if you celebrate it and you’re with family and friends. But sometimes because of distance, that weird thing your uncle said last year, or just wanting to be by yourself you can’t celebrate it with your family and friends. Here are some things you can do if you find […] More

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    How to have Money for Next Year’s Black Friday


    A suitcase full of 100 dollar bills. Currency from the United States. Article about how to save or finance for the holidays and black Friday shopping.

    Black Friday is over. Did you get everything you want? Many people had to say no to killer deals because they didn’t have enough money to buy them. Others bought them, however at checkout, they wondered how they would pay for them. Here are some tips you can do now to make sure next year‘s […] More

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    Gorilla Meme Offers Solution to EU Meme Crisis


    A meme against the new EU law article 13 that could cause tech companies to block memes from the internet. Gorilla Meme is one website offering a solution

    Article 13 is a new EU law that would require technology platforms like Facebook, Youtube, Facebook to filter out copyright material if the companies don’t have licenses for that material. Recently EU added Memes as an exception to the rule, however it is unclear how tech companies will define a meme or if they can […] More

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    Fun White House Facts


    Photo of the White House in Washington D.C

    Here are some interesting facts about the White House. First President to live in the White House John Adams was our second president, but the first president to live in the White House. Before the capital was in New York City and then Philadelphia. George Washington lived in both New York and Philadelphia. Construction The […] More

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    Natural vs. Synthetic Yarns


    Many colors of yarn

    Take a trip to your local big box craft store, or even a smaller, independently-owned LYS (local yarn shop), and you will find that there is an unbelievably wide range of yarns to choose from. It can be overwhelming! Color, thickness (also called “weight” in yarn lingo), and fiber type are all choices the crafter […] More

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    Extinct Tiger Species might have been seen in Indonesia

    Javan Leopard in Indonesia

    In Ujung Kulon Indonesian National park a photo was taken of something people thought was extinct for more than 40 years. The Javan tiger has only been in books, bedtime stories, and legends, but a new photo might have captured it. Indonesia is currently the 4th most populated country in the world. And is the largest island […] More

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    The Gift: How I learned to Crochet

    Hot Popular

    Grandmother holding a grandchild

    This article was written by Kelly Valencia-Aiken. It is a personal story of how Kelly’s grandmother teaching of how to crochet. Enter Kelly. I am obsessed. Honestly, it’s more of an addiction. I may even need rehab. In fact, my friends and family should probably stage an intervention on my behalf. I think they would fail miserably, […] More

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    6 Yarn Types to Create a Masterpiece

    knitting with yarn

    Knitting can be quite an enjoyable pastime. If you have the right yarn, it can make for some high quality clothing that is great for seasonal occasions, for fashion, and knitting itself makes for a wonderful hobby. Here are six yarn types that you can use to create fashionable works of art. Sheep Wool The […] More

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