What to be thankful for on Thanksgiving

Here is a list of things to be thankful for on Thanksgiving, parts of the list may not apply to you. Don’t worry! There is always something to be thankful for.

Olympic Gold Metal

Be thankful you won an Olympic Gold Metal! You’re one of the best athletes in the world. You represented your country well and everyone is proud of you.

What?! You didn’t get a gold metal? You only got the silver metal? Don’t worry there is a lot of other things to be grateful.

Your High Rating TV Show

You have one of the best rated TV show right now. Congrats! Everyone loves your show. It is thoughtful, funny, dramatic, and/or suspenseful. You did it! You’re very creative. Everyone wants the next season of the show.

What?! You don’t have a TV show. Well, there must be something to be grateful for.

A warm meal

You have a warm meal, or will get one soon. When you have it you will notice the amazing flavor of the food. How someone somewhere made it. Maybe someone you know or someone you don’t know. Care went into making the food and now you are enjoying it.

Family and Friends

You have friends and family. They may be far away or close. They are somewhere. You might be making new fiends all the time or have old friends. Everyone has friends even if they don’t think they do. No one is alone.

You’re alive

You can experience life. While it can be difficult at times and might even be a struggle. You are alive. You can experience all that life has to offer. You can explore your interests, learn, and grow. Life is the experience. Good or bad it is all experiences. Pain is only a reminder that there are better experiences out there and pushes you to go after them. As long as you are alive anything is possible.


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Written by Raven Cohen

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