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  • Chorus Social media podcast iPhone app

    New App is Facebook of Podcasts

    Ever listen to a podcast and wish your friends were listening to it as well? Or want to discuss the latest episode with other listeners? Chorus is a new app that makes podcast listening social. Social and audio? Just as myspace users were asking about this new Facebook thing people are looking at Chorus. Why? […] More

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    6 Reasons Why Tacos are Better than Friends

    Tacos are amazing! Here is a list of six reasons for why/how they are so awesome. #1 You can be with them anytime Friends can ditch you tacos cannot. You can find them served 24/7 or you can make them on your own. #2 They are tasty Tacos are tasty. Your friends are not. At […] More

  • A t-shirt with "PokyFriends" a knockoff of pokémon



    Funny Offbrand Pokemon Fails

    Have you ever bought the sugar corn flakes instead of getting frosted flakes? You might of not even noticed a difference in taste. That might work for cereal but for other items off brand doesn’t work so well. Here are some epic fails of off brand products that tried to copy Pokemon. #1 PokyFriends Funny […] More

  • Kid playing with legos. Some kids want to work at legoland

    6 Year Old Boy Applies to Work for Legoland

    The job field is getting more competitive, at least for lego lovers. A job advert for Legoland UK in Windsor England advertised a position for “Lego Model Designer”. In addition to a competitive salary, the position also provided a 40% discount on Lego kits. Stanley from Waterlooville Hampshire thought he was perfect for the job. […] More

  • US Coast Guard Helicopter with a man suspended saving a dog



    4,322 Saved by Coast Guard from Houston Flood

    Tropical Storm Harvey has changed the lives of many people. Since it formed on August 17, 2017, until it dissipated on September 2, 2017, the storm has caused an estimated 70 billion dollars in damages. Search-and-rescue operation conducted by the coast guard has saved over 4,000 people in Houston in only the first week of recovery. In total over 17,000 people […] More

  • Three dogs each on a separate surf board. They are competing in the world dog surfing tournament

    World Dog Surfing Championships 2017

    World Dog Surfing Championships at Linda Mar Beach in Pacifica, Calif. on Saturday, Aug. 5, 2017. This was the second tournament held. Organizers are hoping to turn it into an annual event. Hundreds of people attended the event to watch dogs skillfully stay on a surf board. The two main events were for dogs to surf by […] More

  • Washington-Franklin Issue of 1917 Stamp Postage

    9 Facts About George Washington You Might Not Know

    George Washington, America’s First President. He is on the money, was a general, and has a state named after him. What else do you know? #1 Dead siblings and growing up 3 of George Washington’s siblings died before they were an adult. He did have 6 siblings that did survive past childhood. His father was […] More

  • Dog Rescued by Canadian Coast Guard



    Golden Retriever saved by Canadian Coast Guard

    Off of a Nova Scotia beach, a Golden Retriever was in trouble. The dog’s owner lost sight of the dog for a few minutes and was worried. After 45 minutes in the water, the dog was reunited with its owner. The Coast Guard found the dog in the water. At first, the dog was afraid […] More

  • She Persisted iPhone iPad App

    New iPhone Game Mocks Trump

    What happens if you didn’t vote for president trump? Or you did but your views of him have changed? It’s 4 years until the next presidential election. What do you do? One solution is to make an app. Elliott Killian made a game app about recent political events. She Persisted is not just a movement […] More