Funny Offbrand Pokemon Fails

Have you ever bought the sugar corn flakes instead of getting frosted flakes? You might of not even noticed a difference in taste. That might work for cereal but for other items off brand doesn’t work so well. Here are some epic fails of off brand products that tried to copy Pokemon.

#1 PokyFriends

A t-shirt with "PokyFriends" a knockoff of pokémon
Photo from Reddit user pukeonsluts666

Funny knockoff of Pokemon. It’s nice that their friends.

#2 Pocheman towel

A towel that looks like it has pokemon cartoons on it however it is off brand and says Pocheman instead.
Photo by Reddit user Toonstertown

I guess if you are at the beach laying on the towel people can’t tell what it says. Pikachu looks very relaxed.

#3 Pokemon Monster Carbuncle 2003

A fake bootleg version of a pokemon gameboy game. It is for Gameboy color and claims to be for the year 2003.
Photo by Reddit user jfowler1120

A bootleg pokemon game for Gameboy color. I wonder if it works and what playing it is like.

#4 Diary of a Wimpy Pikachu

A book titled: Diary of a Whimpy Pikachu.
Photo by Reddit user DershBershPershMersh

Cleaver combination of a popular book and popular video game. What is interesting about this is that it is the second book. Someone must have written these books.

#5 Flying Hand Induced Pichu

A flying toy of pikachu with unusual cartoons on the cover which are not pokemon. Another bootleg pokemon toy
Photo by Reddit user Brackenhawk

Drones and Pokemon great idea!

#6 Pokemon Like the Lovely Picacho

A mug with pikachu the pokemon but it is a crappy offbrand. Epic fail
Photo by Reddit User bfgarzilla9k

Great subtitle. By the way a Picacho is actually a word and it means a large isolated pointed hill. The mugs do look cool.

#7 Pikachu Mall Ride

Children's ride at a mall with pikachu the electric pokemon
Photo by Reddit user Baghdad_AssUp

A slightly creepy version of pikachu

#8 Homer Simpson Pikachu Socks

Socks with homer simpson as pikachu.
Photo by Reddit user antfro946

Can you look away?

#9 The Force is strong with this Pokemon

Star Wars pokemon action figure in a box being sold at a store.
Photo by Reddit user: ilikestalker3

An interesting mash up. The power that’s inside works for both parts.



Did you like this list? Which one was your favorite?

Written by Raven Cohen


  1. Wow ! Some of those are just to much for me. I was super excited to start catching some Pokemon when it came out in Canada and was over it within a week.

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