6 Year Old Boy Applies to Work for Legoland

The job field is getting more competitive, at least for lego lovers. A job advert for Legoland UK in Windsor England advertised a position for “Lego Model Designer”. In addition to a competitive salary, the position also provided a 40% discount on Lego kits. Stanley from Waterlooville Hampshire thought he was perfect for the job.

Kid playing with legos. Some kids want to work at legoland

Stanley applied to the job with a handwritten letter. Telling them that he loves legos and hides them from his brother. He didn’t get the job, but he was invited to Legoland for a one-day work experience. Something many 6-year-olds dream of.

Part of the tour Stanley got a behind the scenes look at how the amusement park is run. He learned about how they maintain the models and lego artwork. Legoland hoped that the visit will inspire Stanley to do well in school and to one day work at Legoland. Until then Stanley will continue to learn and hide his legos from his brother.

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Written by Raven Cohen


  1. Aww how adorable! It’s nice to see some nice news and I hope the kid is able to follow his dreams of working at Legoland one day!

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