What are your New Year Predictions?

We asked people to predict what will happen this year. Making a New Years’ prediction is fun and exciting. It can be about you or someone else. You can try it right now. For inspiration, here are a few.

We received several New Year Predictions messages on social media and found more using the hashtag NewYearPrediction on twitter. Here they are, enjoy.

Let’s hope that happens, Bradley. 🙂



I am going to floss my teeth for the first two months then forget and stop.

-Joanne H. from Iowa City


Flossing your teeth is really good and very underrated. Healthy mouth, healthy body. Keep flossing Joanne. We know you can do it!


I won’t crash my car this year.

Greg T. from Junction City, GA


It makes me wonder what happened last year… just like Bradley’s credit score, let’s hope Greg’s safe driving record improves.



Well, the new year did begin, so I guess that is one prediction that happened.


My prediction is that people will make more New Years’ predictions next year, and more people will have fun making predictions. What happens next year? It doesn’t matter if you’re right or wrong, you’ll still have fun. That’s another one of my predictions. What are your new year predictions? What do you hope for? What are your goals?

Written by Raven Cohen

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