6 Reasons Why Tacos are Better than Friends

Tacos are amazing! Here is a list of six reasons for why/how they are so awesome.

#1 You can be with them anytime

Friends can ditch you tacos cannot. You can find them served 24/7 or you can make them on your own.

#2 They are tasty

Tacos are tasty. Your friends are not. At least I hope you don’t find your friends tasty or in your taco.

#3 Tacos can poop ice cream

See tacos are magical. I am talking ice cream tacos. If you think about it aren’t ice cream cones really ice cream tacos?

#4 They sound good when you bite them

Unless you’re Edward Cullen or Dracula you probably don’t bite your friends, but tacos are great to bite into. You hear the crunch, taste the food and feel the texture. Tacos are great to bite.

#5 They make you feel better when drunk

Ok, sure your friend might have driven you home or helped you when you were drunk, but tacos become way better drunk. By their deliciousness, they, in turn, make everything better, even if you realize it wasn’t in the morning.

#6 They remind you of what is important

When you eat Tacos what do you think about? Home? eating dinner with family? That weird food truck? Whatever it is these are the simple pleasures in life that we should all focus on and enjoy.


Written by Raven Cohen


  1. Taco’s are so much BETTER than FRIENDS. They are my quick, cheap, easy go to dinner. If it’s not a taco, it’s a fajita’s or nacho’s in our house. LOVE LOVE LOVE ! YUM YUM YUM ….. I am going to make a Taco now!

  2. I love tacos!! I especially love fish and shrimp tacos to be totally honest. Actually, those are my favorite. However, I’m up for just about any taco if I’m to be totally honest!

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