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  • A Lawnmower on a lawn mowing grass on someones yard

    What to Grow in your Yard to make your Neighbors Jealous

    Grass is used for turf because it grows fast and can quickly regenerate. Grass is highly adapted from herbivores eating it all day, such as cows. Picking and maintaining the grass in your yard can make all the difference (and your neighbors jealous) Creeping Bentgrass The main type of grass used in Golf courses and […] More

  • A bulldog with a yellow ball. Dogs can see some colors such as yellows, blues, and purples.

    7 Myths About Dogs

    Here are the top myths about dogs. #1 Dogs express emotions on their Face Charles Darwin (yes, that one) tried to prove that animals including dogs had emotion and that we can see them on their faces. However, the evidence didn’t support this idea. We might see photos of dogs smiling or looking happy. Those […] More