6 Yarn Types to Create a Masterpiece

Knitting can be quite an enjoyable pastime. If you have the right yarn, it can make for some high quality clothing that is great for seasonal occasions, for fashion, and knitting itself makes for a wonderful hobby. Here are six yarn types that you can use to create fashionable works of art.

Sheep Wool

The same fibers that come from sheep, can be used to create wonderfully comfortable clothing and is easy to get with its low price. It’s great for winter clothing with its resistance to moisture and durability. Wool is also a great material for summer clothing as a breathable, moisture wicking material. Wool is naturally creamy white, making it easy to dye into a range of colors. It’s also often mixed with a blend of other fibers to improve durability.


Cashmere is a luxury yarn. It is of superb quality that actually becomes softer with wear. It has phenomenal insulation that makes it great for winter accessories and cardigans. The beautiful look is associated with a fine cloudlike halo and is often blended with other materials to make it more affordable. With a fabric this valuable, make sure to always dry clean and never machine wash.


After being blended with natural fibers, polyester yields easy-care yarns. Polyester has good draping, along with breathability and wicking properties making it great for any time of the year. It is machine washable and is a great synthetic fiber.


Rayon was the first fabric to be entirely man-made. Despite this, it can very well imitate the properties of other natural fibers and has a silky smooth, shiny, and saturated color as well as an incredible drape. This yarn is absolutely great for summer knitwear. It is comfortable, cool, and conducts heat from the body. When purchasing a rayon product at the store, be sure to check the tag. This product may, or may not, be machine washable.

Many colors of yarn


Silk is very well known for its cool, smooth texture across the skin. Being a more expensive fiber, it’s easiest to find in fine piles and is susceptible to static cleaning and catching. If you keep experiencing this problem, then choose a variety of yarns spun tightly for a higher ply. Silk is great for knitting lace, and is often blended to into fibers to add luxurious softness. This material must be hand washed in order to clean.


Nylon can be very easily compared to silk. As an alternative to that expensive yarn type, it’s shiny and smooth, easy to launder, and is cool to the touch. It is also very durable against wear and tear, and unlike silk, this is completely machine washable.

The Best

Whatever yarn you use, and however you blend them together, make sure to have fun while doing it. Knitting by hand is an art form that is slowly going away. Picking your own colors, and your own yarn types means that you can make your own fashionable accessories the way YOU want to make them  and keeps this art form alive.

This article was written by Josh Adams

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