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  • KONG Goodie Bone Dog Toy



    6 of the Best Dog Toys under $15

    We have received a number of messages asking which dog toys are quality products. Here is what we found. Many products are made by Kong. Kong products had some of the highest ratings and have a reputation for lasting. In the article, we tell you the good and the bad of each toy. Hopefully, this […] More

  • A bulldog with a yellow ball. Dogs can see some colors such as yellows, blues, and purples.

    7 Myths About Dogs

    Here are the top myths about dogs. #1 Dogs express emotions on their Face Charles Darwin (yes, that one) tried to prove that animals including dogs had emotion and that we can see them on their faces. However, the evidence didn’t support this idea. We might see photos of dogs smiling or looking happy. Those […] More

  • Dog Rescued by Canadian Coast Guard

    Golden Retriever saved by Canadian Coast Guard

    Off of a Nova Scotia beach, a Golden Retriever was in trouble. The dog’s owner lost sight of the dog for a few minutes and was worried. After 45 minutes in the water, the dog was reunited with its owner. The Coast Guard found the dog in the water. At first, the dog was afraid […] More

  • A lot of doggy poop bags sold on amazon. It comes with a holder that attaches to the leash

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    Awesome Items for Dog Parents Under $22

    Sometimes little things can go a long way. Here are some things for dog parents to make your life easier while living with your furry¬†best friend that won’t break the bank. Dog Waste Bags with Dispenser and Leash Clip This is an Amazing Deal! It comes with 900 black dog waste bags. As a bonus, […] More